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Hello and welcome to my landing page.  While you are here, stay a while and look around.  I am a published author and wrote a book named Help Me Tell.  You also will find that I am a marriage and relationship coach as well as a photographer and videographer.  I know you might wonder why would a relationship coach would also be a photographer/videographer and that is because that is the path that God put me on, I have a unique outlook and perspective that helps individuals see things a little differently.  You will also find an opportunity to shop for some of my unique design ideas.  It is my pleasure to have you here.  

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Aside from my amazing family, I love traveling and seeing the world through other peoples lens. I'm also a foodie, and enjoy eating delicious meals.


Social justice; I believe in the fair treatment of all people. 5% of photography and videography session purchases are donated to various organizations, who create change for people with differing abilities.


I’m a social butterfly.

One of my favorite foods is sushi.  I've visited Honduras, Brazil and South Africa, as a missionary.  I kissed a dolphin.

"I've learned People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel"… 

Maya Angelou 

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Speaking from the Lens LLC, Photography and Videography exists to empower individuals and families to see themselves in the image God made them.  Each session is an opportunity to empower each person to be confident in who they are.


Expanded services include drone photography and 360 video equipment available for rental.


Mission:  We exist to see lives change and for peoples eyes to be opened to the image in which they were created.

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Jasmine Rush is the Founder and CEO of Speaking From the Lens LLC.  Jasmine is married to her husband Glenn of over 22 years and is the mother to two beautiful young people.  She completed her masters in Human Services, Marriage and Family from Liberty University and serves in the Marriage Ministry at her church.  Her passion is to see people walk in wisdom and knowledge that they ultimately obtain from God.  To see those who are both married and unmarried walk in wholeness.  She has experience with various types of relationships throughout her time in the military, workforce, marriage and friendships and she is ready to help coach you to a better understanding of the importance of your relationships and how to navigate those relationships.  She will help provide a different view of the way you may see things and coach you towards a kingdom perspective.

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Thank you so very much for giving us an amazing family memory. In the past I have been disappointed with many photographers and I was hesitant. But Jasmine just blew my mind when she sent me our pictures. I was beyond satisfied, I couldn’t stop sharing with my family and friends.  The family session was awesome. She knew how to engage the kids and make the session fun. She really has a great gift in capturing beautiful moments. I’m happy to have found a great photographer

The Real Alice Snow

Speaking from the Lens is an outstanding company. To capture those intimate moments with family or friends. Jasmine presents a professional attitude along with creative ideas to get the best out of any project that is needed.


Thoughtful. Insightful. Impactful. All words that describe the wisdom shared in a very honest yet very digestible form from Jasmine. Her gift to dialogue allows a level of introspection that compels action whilst moving elegantly towards a mutually beneficial resolution between parties.

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